Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 4
June 6,2008
Walt’s World
Word of the Day : Attraction

Today’s wake up call was from Mickey telling us to “hurry up , there were so many things waiting for us today”….What a great way to wake up.
The group met Robyn and Quinn in the lobby and we headed out for a thrilling day at Disneyland Park, which began before the park opened to the public. Just imagine 2 guides and 19 adventurers and the park is all yours……all I can say is wow.
We began our walk down main street with one very proud member carrying that paddle.
This is a once in life time experience . Our first stop of the day was a private character breakfast at the Plaza Inn featuring Minnie and so many of her friends., Minnie greeted us at the front door and gave each of us a pin. The Fairy Godmother, Chip and Dale, Captain Hook, Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore were all available for photos and autographs and it was so special to have all those characters to yourself. Breakfast was a delicious buffet

After breakfast it was time to move on to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle for a photo op.
while there were still no other guests in the park. Our adventure guides made sure to capture all those memories on their camera’s which we would see later during our adventure.
Next we headed to Adventure Land for a ride on the Jungle Cruise. There is nothing like entering an attraction through the exit as you follow that famous paddle and people just look at your group with amazement
We continued on to the “behind the scenes area” at Indiana Jones.. During our time behind the scenes we saw how the attraction operates and a few got to play with the controls that move and jerk the cars around. Through a side door and the group was lead past the line to the boarding area and on to the attraction.
We continued our day walking towards the backstage area of the park, and our first stop was the roundhouse, where the trains are kept. We spent time learning about the history and operation of the Disneyland trains, had another photo op and continued to the parade
warehouse where the floats for all the parade are kept. and then on to the area where the fireworks are loaded.
Our final stop before lunch was the Pope House and ranch. This was the house that Mr. Pope and his wife lived, the only occupants ever to live at Disneyland Park. He was responsible for the horses at Disneyland. We got to spend time with the horses and other animals at the ranch.
I think it would be appropriate to mention that today was a very hot and sunny day.
By the time we reached the roundhouse many of us were feeling the heat.,. Then like
magic, Quinn appeared with Umbrella ‘s to shade us from the sun and Robyn walked around with spiriting fans cooling us all off. And when we arrived at the Pope House, cold water was waiting for us. They simply think of everything.
Lunch was at Café Orleans and was like all our meals very good. Of course not before long, we were joined by a pirate who passed out pirate hats for the group and entertained us while we ate lunch and posed for photos.. Gold Coins of chocolate were passed out with dessert.
Our next stop of the day was obviously, Pirates of Caribbean and , of course we entered the attraction through a side door. No lines, no waiting, just follow the “paddle” and it will lead you to an amazing world.

Leaving Pirates we walked down main street and stopped at the firehouse. We were met by a cast member who would now take us to a place, where so few are ever allowed to go.
Walt’s apartment above the firehouse. This was one of those very, very special moments.
As we all climb the stairs at the back of the firehouse, you could just feel the anticipation
and excitement of the group. It was for many a highlight of the day.. There we were standing in the very small apartment that Walt and Lillian shared A very special hurricane lamp sits on a table in front of window and always remains lit. This allows all
cast members and guest who see the light, to realize that Walt’s spirit remains at Disneyland. We were all given a special pin, that resembles the lamp. Our guides made sure to capture this moment since our camera were not allowed.

After leaving Walt’s apartment we headed to the train station for a private and very special ride on the Lille Belle, parlor car.

The group had the option of priority seating for the afternoon parade , above the crowds at the train station. There is nothing like having a section roped off for your group with unobstructed views of the parade.
The group received their super fast passes before parade and some members of the group opted to brave the heat after the parade and use those fastpasses on a few more attractions. I opted to return to an air conditioned hotel room .
Dinner tonight was on your own, some grabbed at bite in the park or the hotel, and there were those diehards that just skipped dinner and rode space mountain a few dozen times.
After dinner, the group had an option of viewing Fantasmic and the fireworks from a private viewing area . Robyn met us at a designated location in the park, guided us through the crowds with the Paddle, provided us with snacks and the best viewing area I have ever had.

It was an amazing day with two incredible adventure guides in Walt’s World. Full of special moments and memories that many us will cherish for a lifetime.

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