Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 5
June 7, 2008 (continued)

The Farewell Dinner

I have held off writing this because it will be the final installment of what we considered to be a trip of a lifetime. When this blog is complete, the Photopass Album arrives and
Stacia drawings are framed and up on the wall, it really will conclude the trip in my mind. I so desperately don’t want it to be over but like all good things, they do come to an end. The solution to feeling sad, PLAN ANOTHER ABD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

The group met at the Hyperion Theater at 5:45pm and waited for Quinn and Robyn who appeared within 5 minutes and walked us to our Farewell Dinner location.
Stage 12 a backstage area used for private events. The tables were beautifully decorated, with clapboards and Oscar centerpieces and our final pins of the adventure. Dinner was a delicious buffet of steak, chicken, and pasta.

On one side of the room was Stacia. A Disney historian and artist who would draw for each of us , our favorite character. (Remember those tubes from our morning at the animation studio, well they are back, so we can take our drawing home)
As she drew each character she spoke of the character and what was near and dear to her
about each one she drew. We left that evening with Dumbo and Donald Duck.

While we eat dinner, Quinn and Robyn spoke about the highlights of the tour, both
had moments of being choked up as well as many of us in the room.
I did find it amazing that 21 strangers, (17 adults and 4 children) from all across the country came together as a family almost instantly. Everyone looked out for one another.
I do believe that it was the passion and true Disney magic that Quinn and Robyn possess that made this possible.
We each took turns telling about our most memorable moments during our adventure. Some of us cried and others laughed.
Here are just a few of those remembrances:
The Magic of Main Street with no one else there
The visit to Walt’s apartment
The Ride on the train at Walt’s Barn
The friends and memories that were made that will last a lifetime
The one grandmother in the group who took her 7 year old grandson on this
adventure by herself thanked all us for making sure she did not loose him during the adventure.

The next surprise, was the video slideshow of the photos, Quinn and Robyn took
during our adventure. There were no dry eyes left in house after that.
The final surprise was an appearance of the"boss" himself, Mickey and of course
Minnie dressed in adventure garb. There was an opportunity for many photos and
hugs from both.

Robyn and Quinn had arranged for a roped off section in the hub at the Disneyland Park
to view the fireworks. We had about an hour before meeting for the fireworks. Some went off to ride few more attractions while others just stayed and tried to savor the moments of the last 5 days.
The fireworks viewing area was spectacular. Much longer then fireworks I have seen at WDW and “tink” flys all over the place.

It was time to say goodnight and pack. Luggage would be picked up in the am and town cars would be there to take us all back to our next destinations tomorrow.

Day 6
June 8, 2008
Now it’s time to say goodbye
Word of the Day: Imagination

Breakfast was at the Storytellers café at our hotel and was at your leisure. We met Quinn and Robyn and our fellow adventures at breakfast to say goodbye and exchange emails. What would a breakfast be without a few characters? Today was no exception. Chip and Dale and Baloo to name a few where there to entertain us.

Some of the group was staying another day or two in the area, others were traveling elsewhere and many were ending their adventure today. For us it was on to San Francisco. Some how I knew it would not be the same in San Francisco with “The Paddle”.

Final Thoughts and a few more pics will follow

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