Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quinn and Robyn at Disneyland.....Question of the day is what is the word of the day ."Attraction" is the correct answer and you may not proceed into the park. This group learned quick
The Parade - what a view from our priority viewing section

Lunch with a ho yo ho A pirate's life for me

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

This is Disney Trivia like you have never seen it. The Host is Mat and he makes sure somebody wins

It is time for a little wine tasting..Robyn and Quinn seem to be ready

Strange and frail puppet outside Brian's Office

Brian Henson's office - previously his father's office

One of Walt's Trains

Riding on the railraod at Walt Train Barn at Griffith Park, LA

Walt Disney Studios - The legends courtyard

My favorite shot of the Partners, The Castle and an empty Disneyland Park.
It was so still , you could hear a mouse.

Prince Caspian and his horse marching in the parade

Robyn and Baloo enjoying a few berries at breakfast.

Robyn, Goofy and Quinn with the Paddle. It might be safer to leave it with Goofy.

Captain Hook and a Happy Disneyland first time visitor

Minnie with two of her Friends - Carole and Bill

Mickey Topiary - Disneyland Hotel

The June 3- 8 Backstage Magic Adventurers pose, for that final group shot with Mickey and Minnie.

The Boss arrives with Minnie to bid us farewell. So Cute in their adventure garb


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely account of the trip. I was there and could not have ever captured all the information you have. Thank you, Sailing Beagle! Love the pictures as well.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about your blog. I was on that trip as well and I can't imagine the time and effort you put into this blog. Thank you Sailing Beagle

Jack said...

Wow! Got some cool photos in Disneyland, am sure you all really enjoy your trip in Hongkong. I was there last month, but I did not enjoy my trip, because all I have is a rush hour for only just a meeting. Well, that's too bad for me... Anyway thanks a lot.

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