Friday, July 11, 2008


Its been over a month since we returned from our Backstage Magic Adventure and not a day passes that we do not think or talk about what a wonderful time we had.
The Disney Photo Pass album has been completed as now we just wait for
it to arrive so we can once again relive those days of Magic.

Forgetting that we are Disney Fans ( 1 Fan and one Fanatic), we found the product that Disney has designed and delivered in its Adventures By Disney program is just another
example of their commitment to excellence in customer service.

There is nothing except a few more days that I could have asked for during our adventure.

Our guides made sure there was nothing we wanted that was not delivered and they usually thought of it first.

Here are just a few examples:
With an allergy to feathers, checking into a hotel with feather pillows, could and usually does present a problem – not on this trip, our guides personally checked our room before we arrived to make sure the “no feathers” request had been granted.
A bus ride for a 7 yr old can get real boring – not when the guide whips out her personal Nintendo DS to entertain the child
Loving Caesar Salad and not liking much else in the lettuce family can present a problem when it is not on the preset menu – not a problem for us – it just appeared on the table when ever salad was served.
In need of water, on a bus ride or in the heat of the day in Parks – it was always there.
Umbrellas that appear out of no where to shade us from the sun – sort of like Magic.

I probably could go on forever, but I won’t.

I believe the secret to the Magic that Adventure By Disney produces lies first and foremost in those that they employ as their Adventure Guides.
Anyone can stay in a 5 star hotel and be provided with great food and entertainment.
That is where other tour operators stop.
The adventure guides have a passion for what they do and it shows every moment of your trip. There is an exuberance that is never ending with them, even on the 13 th hour of a long hot day.
This is something I have never experienced in my 30 years of traveling. No cruise director, ship’s captain, or tour operator has ever made me feel the way I felt during our 6 days on this adventure.

When “its time to say goodbye” at your farewell dinner, and your guides are the first to grab the tissues .You know then how real your journey has been and how cherished the memories will always be.

Finally- to Quinn and Robyn ( our adventure guides) our lives are truly a little brighter because of the 6 days we spent with you.

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